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True North Music Lessons

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When studying an instrument, students learn patience, concentration, communication and listening skills as they master their lessons. Students gain increased self esteem, satisfaction, and self-confidence when they work hard learning to set goals, manage time, work through unfamiliar tasks and then succeed.  They are learning responsibility when  dedicating time for practice, which translates to learning commitment to themselves and others.


Students learn that instruments are tools for self expression by being able to connect with others, identify their emotions, and communicate their feelings through music when sometimes words are hard to articulate.  Having a way to express musically helps form bonds with others, increases socialization, and serves as a coping skill, not just a hobby.

I want each child, teen or adult to go home knowing that they are loved, respected, valued, cared for and believed in. 

At True North Music, we don't just teach people how to play. As a Music Therapist who also teaches instruments, I have a different approach that sets me apart from traditional methods. My teaching serves as a vehicle for change that serves the whole person.


When students sign up to learn an instrument, they walk away with strengthened skill sets infused with strategies for navigating life. Lessons are structured to meet the needs and learning styles of each individual or group.  Being able to individually adapt lessons as a student grows, we meet individuals where they are in their musical journey, and build from there. 

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For parents--Does your home-school program include music or learning an instrument in your curriculum? 


Have some fun while learning a new instrument!  There are two learning environments to accommodate you! 


Private Lessons 

Lessons may be scheduled for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions, meeting once per week.   Students may choose to learn or increase their skills on the guitar, keyboard or ukulele.  


Guitar Group Lessons for Children, Teens and Adults  

Offered in 8-week learning cycles, this class is offered in 4 parts for each 8 week cycle, beginning from introduction to the guitar to playing for and with a group!

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