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True North Singing Telegrams

Surprise your special someone, co-worker or secret crush with a singing telegram!  Brighten their day and bring them the joy of being remembered and cared about in a fun, unique, memorable and exciting way!  True North Music Singing Telegrams are the only provider of singing telegrams in Jefferson County. We bring the music to you and are a perfect way to celebrate any occasion! Great for anniversaries, engagement proposals, Valentine's Day, to say thank you, get well soon, happy birthday....or just because!! 


A singing telegram is a message delivered by an artist in a musical form.

Western Union, the American telegraph company began offering singing telegram services in 1933. That July 28, a fan sent Hollywood singing star Rudy Vallee a birthday greeting by telegram. George P. Oslin, the Western Union public relations director, decided this would be a good opportunity to make telegrams, which had been associated with deaths and other tragic news, into something more popular. He asked a Western Union operator, Lucille Lipps, to sing the message over the telephone, and this became the first singing telegram.


As relatively few telegram recipients had telephones, most telegrams, including singing telegrams, were first delivered in person. The popularization of the telephone in the 1960s reduced telegrams in general. By 1972, Western Union was receiving a small number of requests for singing telegrams and was seeking regulatory approval on a state-by-state basis to eliminate the offering. Western Union suspended its singing telegram service in 1974, but independent singing telegram companies have kept up the tradition.

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